Over the years I’ve recorded with many musicians, usually on the drum set, or hand drums or other percussion.  I also worked up harmonies, and helped with arrangements and lyrics.  I’m proud to have supported these songwriters.

Alex Culbreth
Alexinder Gunn
Allan Harrington
  All-New Genetically Altered Jug Band
Bill Davis & Pat Chen
Bill McGinness
Bill Mulroney & The Second Wind Bandits
Blues Fuse
Chatham Street
Chris Anderson
David Kitchen
Dead Men’s Hollow
Don Bridges (Mister Don)
Doug Sedgwick
Greg Vickers
Harried Americans Roadshow
Harry Pritchett
Iain Campbell Smith/Fred Smith

Isabella Perelman
Jack Bond
Jane Sparks Tatum
Jean Bayou
Karl Shuman
Karyn Oliver
Laura Baron
Les Hatley
Linda Howard Hiserman
Naked Blue
Nova Zanz
Out on the Rolling Sea
Pat Wictor
Ralph Fortune
Ray Kaminsky
Richard “Ricardo” White
Roger Henderson
Somos El Mar
Steve Smith and the Meteors
Sue Trainor
The All-New Genetically Altered Jug Band
The Lotus Eaters
The Porch Monkeys
Uncle Brother